How to SVN Checkout through Mac Terminal

I am currently learning iOS development and one of the things I need to do is checkout the current code for our iOS project. As of the moment, after clean installing the OS of my workstation which is a MacBook Pro, I haven't installed any application yet other than Xcode. So to checkout the code, I used the Terminal. The checkout is very simple:

  1. Open Terminal through Launchpad > Utilities
  2. On Terminal, type svn co https://your.svn.url --username your_username --password your_password

Note: --username is optional. --password is conditional: username must be present.


  1. I tried with this but it says "-bash: svn: command not found". Please help through more steps if possible. Thanks in advance.

  2. This happened to me when I updated from Lion to Mountain Lion. You can do this if you have Xcode: Select Xcode > Preferences... A window will appear, Select Downloads then select the Components tab. In the table, there is an item called "Command Line Tools". Install it by clicking on the Install button (on the right). You should be able to use svn after the installation.