Objective-C: Creating a Random Number and Storing To NSString

I wanted to generate a random number and convert it to NSString:

NSString *myRandomNumber = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%u", arc4random()];


How to SVN Checkout through Mac Terminal

I am currently learning iOS development and one of the things I need to do is checkout the current code for our iOS project. As of the moment, after clean installing the OS of my workstation which is a MacBook Pro, I haven't installed any application yet other than Xcode. So to checkout the code, I used the Terminal. The checkout is very simple:

  1. Open Terminal through Launchpad > Utilities
  2. On Terminal, type svn co https://your.svn.url --username your_username --password your_password

Note: --username is optional. --password is conditional: username must be present.